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It Is Time.

Video Credits – Tom Lowe.

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There is a global awakening happening right now, everywhere.
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AWAKEN is the world’s first conscious social media platform.  Share your experiences, gifts & knowledge with the world without fear, judgement or control.


Connect with other like minded people, share stories, learn from & support others on their journey of awakening.


Share your gifts and experiences in all areas of the body, mind & spirit including meditation, yoga, breathwork, ice baths, energy work, plant medicine and other healing modalities.


Learn from experts & guides in areas such as government cover-ups , ET contact, ancient aliens, sacred geometry, conspiracy theories, secret societies, 5G and more.

Connect & Belong

Connect with experts, guides, and others in the areas of community, spirituality & healing, innovation, our earth…and beyond. 


Share your own personal experiences of spirituality, channeling, spirit guides, light workers, star seeds, extra-terrestrial contact, other dimensions & more. Find and connect with others who have had similar experiences. You are not alone.


Share your knowledge with the world. Discuss free energy technology, renewable energy sources, blending nature with modern technology, quantum physics, astrology & more.

Our Earth

Join and contribute in groups discussing conservation, pollution, wildlife, ecology, agriculture & sustainability.

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Join groups and invite others to comment & share your content across social platforms like Facebook & Twitter.  Find events near you, make new friends & share the love.  It’s not about likes or followers, it’s about giving and receiving.

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AWAKEN posts and groups work using HASHTAGS to help our users find the content they're interested in. Post in the general community group, or jump into a specific group to discuss a topic you love.

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Find and attend events near you hosted by our AWAKEN Guides & Members. Meet others like you, create new networks and communities with others on the same journey as you.

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"Walk along the path of the unknown, as it is here you will truly find home.  Home isn't a place, it's a deep inner knowing.  It's hearing the sounds and the calls from within.  It's answering the call, even when you are scared."


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It Is Time

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