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Geoffrey Anthony

Male. Lives in Nigeria. Born on October 23. Is single.

Status Update

Geoffrey Anthony
Someone once asked me, what hurts you? I replied, my expectations. Have you ever been hurt by your expectations?
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Nicola Ristau
The "1" is a typing mistake
November 10, 2022
Kit Kat
Stay faithful 💕💜 one love
November 14, 2022
Senator Pettersson
I expect so
November 15, 2022
My mom always said, you can make plans. But you can not plan the outcome. I learned this taking her to the beach while visiting. I was heart broken because the wind that day was horrible. Eating sand, unstable umbrella, etc you the drill. Made for a miserable day, was apologizing all the way ho... View More
December 9, 2022