on September 19, 2022
I figured out one of the newest changes in my life. Yesterday I had a really good day at work and planned to go shopping after, but boy was I in for a surprise! I went on my lunch and all of a sudden got a call from my friend/co-worker and she asked me if I wanted a conure. A customer came in and surrendered a young conure that they found at their house. My immediate reaction in my mind was “shit. Both my dad and I have been wanting another bird but we already have a lot of animals, I doubt he’ll say yes”. I told her I’d call my dad and ask him. To my surprise he got all excited and told me to bring him home. So until my shift was over, I spent time with the bird. He had no tags on him but he did have this little shackle stuck on his foot that he kept trying to take off. My coworkers and I were able to remove it and he was so happy. We looked up what it was and basically a chain gets attached to it and it stops the bird from flying 😡 he clearly didn’t come from a good place. We did check all over online in local communities and the humane society for missing birds but nothing came up. He also doesn’t know how to use branches, he just hangs on the cage 🥺
ANYWAYS! After we decided to keep him, I immediately saw an angel number without meaning to. I knew it was a sign from spirit he is meant to be in our lives. He’s very sweet despite his past. He lets me pet him and hand feed him. He also seems to have separation anxiety because any time someone isn’t staying next to him, he screams 😅 I think he’ll need a pet sitter. I’ll admit, I’m feeling overwhelmed because I have so much to do and have so many pets, with so little time, but I’m trusting spirits plan. I decided to name him Kai 🥰
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