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Interview with Gracie Hayse. (Visit Gracie's Profile Page - Click Here
"Throughout my life I have had contact with extraterrestrial beings and UAPs (Unidentified Ariel Phenomena)."

Gracie is an environmental scientist, ufologist, writer, and content creator!
I now understand that these beings are here to help humanity grow and evolve in love, unity, and peace.
It is my honour to share with you messages and teachings that come from members of the Ashtar Command.
During the years 1970-1993 the Ashtar Command, a branch of the Galactic Federation, had frequent contact with a woman named Tuella.
Together they worked to write and create over 7 different books that offer humanity messages of hope for the coming days ahead.
I am here to today to share these messages with the people of earth. I hope that these messages reach the masses and we may begin to truly unite and create a world based on unity, peace, and love.
Welcome to the New Age 🌀

Visit Gracie's Profile Page to find links to her Website and to Follow her on Tiktok & Youtube :)

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Angel Marie Asor
This is highly synchronistic. I was just wanting to pull out my Tuela books from my storage.😳
September 24, 2022
Angel Marie Asor
This is great. Goodness. Thank you!
September 24, 2022